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7 Strangest Dentures People Have Put in their Mouth – Austin, TX

Dentures have been around for so long. From ancient times up to the modern time, people continually use dentures mainly to improve the appearance of their smile and to improve the overall health of their mouth. Modern technology had paved the way for more efficient and durable dentures, thanks to both art and science; there is a lot of options for people to choose for their tooth replacement.

A complete set of healthy teeth is a vital part of the overall facial aesthetic of a person. That is why here at Vida Dental, we offer Dentures to enhance the smile of our patients enabling them to show off their full, bright smile for whatever occasion they are.


Weirdest Denture Facts You Must Know

The gold teeth

Archeologists have uncovered a third-century BC tomb that contained a Celtic woman all adorned with high-end accessories during a dig in France. They found an iron pin in her mouth that was believed to be the structure for support and anchor of the dental implant. However, the material for the implant was missing but is speculated to be gold teeth. These teeth that may have been gold were similar to what the Etruscans have used during the period. Believe it or not, gold teeth were already a thing back in the dates.

Teeth Grown From Stem Cell

Dental researchers may have discovered the death of dentures! Researchers from Tufts School of Medical Medicine turned to stem cells which were taken from the patient’s own body to generate tooth buds instead of using artificially-made materials. The tooth buds are attached to the tooth-shaped scaffolding and grow into a mature adult tooth. It is an incredible work of science, but scientists are still working with the complicated process involved to create the best framework to finish what they have started.

Wooden Dentures and Beeswax?

The Japanese were credited for making the first set of full dentures. They have used beeswax for the molding process during the 16th century to make an impression of the human teeth. Then, the mold was used to carve a hard set of teeth made out of wood from the Japanese box tree. It was so solid that it has been used until the 19th century.

Teeth Made of Bamboo

The craftsmen in ancient China used bamboo pegs to make false teeth from 4,000 years ago. It’s not just a thing in the past because there was a resident of Assam in the Nalbari District of India named Dodhi Pathak who made teeth substitutes for his front incisors in 2001. It was said that the bamboo teeth lasted for ten years and offered a white appearance.

Seashells and Stone Teeth

Mayans were into dental improvements that they have even embedded jewels into their existing teeth. They used fragments of seashell, stone, and bone to create false teeth. Although the appearance may not have been excellent, it still works. Fact is, the jaw grows around the material when they are inserted into the gum which makes stable and durable support for the teeth.

Wolf’s teeth

Back in ancient times, the humans have transformed themselves with wolf teeth. A proof about this is a skeleton of a man back in 2500 BS which had a set of false teeth made of wolf or jaguar fangs. There was not enough information to back the success of the teeth replacement, but researchers believe that the animal teeth were used for ceremonial purposes.

Superglued Teeth

A British woman, Angie Barlow suffered from lost teeth. To solve her problem, she used superglue to put her old teeth back in place. The woman was believed to have been so afraid of the dentist, so she preferred a homemade fix rather than going for a professional treatment. Her process was simple. She placed the superglue on the top surface of the dead tooth and held it in place until such time that the tooth adhered to the supporting structure. Barlow did it a couple of times that she was able to create a set of dentures which were made using superglue. However, she still has to go and visit a dentist because it is not a recommended resource for fixing dentures. Barlow had lost 90 percent of the bone which supported her upper teeth.


Patients should not resort to creating their false teeth to avoid complications. Dentures have been and will always be a vital part in achieving and replacing missing teeth.

If you want to own a complete set of teeth, schedule your dental visit now. Vida Dental offers Dentures in Austin, TX. Contact us to book your appointment!