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Oral Cancer 101

Central Austin TX General Dentist

At Vida Dental, we care about your entire health. That’s why we screen for oral cancer during our comprehensive exams. We help ensure that you are getting quick and effective treatment should you ever need it.

Detecting oral cancer at its earliest stage is vitally important. Here are some common warning signs of oral cancer.

  • A lump, sore or irritation located in your mouth, lip or throat region.
  • A patch of white or red in your mouth.
  • A sensation that there is a foreign object lodged in your throat.
  • Ear pain
  • Numbness anywhere in your mouth
  • Your jaw may begin to swell that may cause any mouthpieces to not fit properly.
  • It may be a struggle to chew or swallow.
  • Raised or rough areas under your tongue, floor of your mouth, side of your tongue, inside of your cheek or back of your throat.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to schedule your appointment with Vida Dental right away.

Did you know you could help prevent oral cancer? Here are some ways to lower your risk:

  • Stop or limit tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays by using lip balms that contains sunscreen.
  • Control your diet by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet can reduce your risk for cancer by 30%.

Call and schedule your compreshensive exam at Vida Dental today.

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