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Botox Injections

Botox injections are traditionally associated with enhancing facial features. There is also a persistent belief that Botox causes frozen features. However, when Botox is used in the right amounts and targets specific areas, various results can be achieved. From a dentist’s perspective, Botox has various applications in cosmetic dentistry that can enhance or add volume and definition to smiles.

Some lines and wrinkles are caused by the reduced production of collagen. Botox can replace lost volume and decrease the impact of lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Studies have also established a connection between periodontal disease and patients experiencing depression. At Vida Dental, we are committed to helping our patients feel confident and happy with their smiles.

When is Botox the Right Choice?

Botox is often a personal choice. Vida Dental is happy to provide Botox to patients when the treatment helps enhance and frame the smile. Certain oral health conditions significantly affect the position of the teeth and gums in relation to the lips and lower facial features. Effective targeting using Botox can restore the proportions of facial features and make the patient look and feel better about their appearance.

Botox is the right choice when treatment is carried out by a professional, such as a specialist dentist. The effectiveness of Botox as a dental treatment heavily relies on the dentist understanding how to achieve desired outcomes. Vida Dental is staffed by dental professionals who understand the intricate relationships between the various features of the face. Your dentist from Vida Dental only targets areas which will result in a proportioned smile with fuller lips that add definition to your face.

Explore the possibilities that Botox has to offer as a dental treatment. Contact Vida Dental to discuss Botox treatments and much more. We can help you make a sensible choice that will enhance your dental health and sense of self-worth.