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Composite Fillings

Your teeth can often portray the state of your oral health. Whether consciously or unconsciously, most people will make judgments about you based on your smile. You shouldn’t lose out on opportunities in life because you have suffered from damaged teeth that need repair. Composite fillings are an effective way of repairing teeth without any outward indication that you have had cosmetic dental treatment.

Composite fillings are tooth colored fillings that are used to fill small to medium cavities. They are also used to make cosmetic improvements to damaged teeth. When you have a specialist from Vida Dental providing you with treatment, cosmetic fillings are a cost-effective way of significantly changing your smile for the better.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite resin is a wonderful material that can make smiles stand out in the crowd. The resin is made of several materials mixed together to achieve a specific color that match the patient’s natural teeth. As an alternative to amalgam, or metal fillings, composite resin is a much more attractive option for improving the look and function of teeth. Your confidence levels will rise when you see the results of cosmetic treatments that use composite resin.

Bioclear Diastema Closures and Aesthetic Fillings

In simple terms, Bioclear diastema closures and aesthetic fillings are an advanced method of making cosmetic improvements to the teeth. The system is based on cutting-edge science that deals with the various challenges dentists face when providing traditional cosmetic dental treatments. Your Vida Dental specialist embraces advances in dental technology, so we want to offer you the most effective treatments available. Bioclear diastema closures and aesthetic fillings represent a solution that is ideal for a significant number of patients.

With the data gathered from a comprehensive exam, Vida Dental can determine if Bioclear diastema closures and aesthetic fillings are a suitable treatment for you. We value versatility in the treatment options we offer our patients. Contact Vida Dental to discuss Bioclear diastema closures and aesthetic fillings and our other excellent treatments.