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Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can drastically alter the complexity of your smile. Dental bridges are a simple and effective option from Vida Dental when you have a few missing teeth. A dental bridge is a dental device which supports a tooth restoration. The bridge is normally anchored to adjoining teeth with the use of dental crowns. Dental implants can also support dental bridges. This type of cosmetic dental treatment is just one of the many services we provide at Vida Dental.

Restorative dentistry involves the repair or replacement of a tooth that is severely damaged or missing. The viability of a restoration wholly relies on treatment being carried out by a specialist dentist. Vida Dental has extensive experience in dental restorations. We can provide you with dental bridges to restore your smile and protect your teeth from further damage.

Drifting Teeth

Even when a missing tooth is out of sight, it will still cause oral health issues. The bones that support the teeth share a mutually beneficial relationship with the teeth and nerves. Without a tooth, the bone is unable to regenerate, and it will eventually weaken. A missing tooth also affects adjacent teeth, as all teeth rely on their neighboring teeth for support.

Without the support of neighboring structures, teeth can begin to drift. When your teeth drift they become crooked and impact your smile. A dental bridge restores the missing tooth and provides support for the teeth on either side of the gap. When a dental implant is used, it will simulate the relationship between the bones in the mouth and the teeth. This relationship promotes healthy bones, teeth and gums.

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