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Kybella Injections

Kybella injections are a minimally invasive treatment to remove fatty deposits from under the chin. The treatment is incredibly effective and can restore definition to your chin. Smoother skin is another benefit of Kybella injections, as fatty deposits cause uneven and lumpy skin which is coarse to the touch. This cosmetic dental treatment has a significant impact on your smile.

Your smile is framed by surrounding facial features such as the cheeks, nose and chin. Any distortion of those features will affect the framing of your smile. People often attempt to hide a double chin, resulting in the rest of the facial features appearing sunken. A double chin can also make you look much older.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Double Chin

Reducing or eliminating your double chin will give you confidence in how you look. Although Kybella injections are focused on eliminating your double chin, they have the added benefit of supporting your other facial features. You will begin to hold your head up high, restoring the position of your cheeks and mouth. Other people will look at you in an entirely new way. When you are feeling confident, others will have confidence in you.

A strong chin is regarded as a beneficial facial feature in most walks of life. In social situations and your working life, a more defined jawline commands respect. From a psychological perspective, eliminating your double chin can positively impact your life in so many ways. Kybella injections have a high safety rating, so there is very little risk of adverse side effects from the treatment.

Contact Vida Dental to find out more about the benefits of Kybella injections. We will provide you with honest advice on whether Kybella injections will work as an effective treatment for you.