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ICON- White Spot Removal Treatment

Dmg America Austin, TXAt Vida Dental, we treat a significant number of patients who have used spot removal products that caused serious damage to tooth enamel. These products use aggressive chemicals to remove white spots. Unfortunately, certain chemicals also remove tooth enamel and irreparably damage the teeth in the process. We can provide you with the best cosmetic dental care to take care of this type of problem.

ICON white spot removal treatment is proven effective and removes white spots without damaging the teeth. In a single treatment, you can enjoy all the benefits that ICON white spot removal treatment has to offer. This treatment is non-invasive and does not require the use of needles or drills during application. If you have a fear of dental treatments, ICON white spot removal treatment is the perfect choice for you.

ICON White Spot Removal Treatment Benefits

ICON white spot removal treatment is a safe alternative to aggressive teeth whitening products. Not all teeth are suited to teeth whitening. ICON white spot removal treatment is designed to target spots without removing surface enamel and compromising the integrity of your teeth. There is no pain involved in treatment, which means you don’t have to worry about a recovery period.

The main benefit of ICON white spot removal treatment is that it results in whiter, brighter teeth. Your smile will look and feel much more natural. Your confidence in social and work situations will also improve after receiving ICON white spot removal treatment. Vida Dental endorses ICON white spot removal treatment because it is at the cutting-edge of dental technology.

To experience the benefits of ICON white spot removal treatment, contact Vida Dental and make an appointment with your dentist. We can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, right here at our Central Austin office.