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Cleanings and Checkups

Cleaning and checkups are two of the most essential treatments in dentistry. These general dentistry treatments are your first line of defense against bacteria, tooth decay, gum infections and more. In most cases, routine cleanings and checkups will prevent serious oral health problems from occurring. Checkups also provide your dentist with the opportunity to detect any issues as early as possible. The earlier you receive the treatments you need, the less time you are likely to spend in the dentist’s chair.

At Vida Dental, we schedule your cleanings and checkups to ensure early detection of dental health issues. Early detection is part of our promise to help you drive down the cost of your dentistry treatments. It is important to maintain an open channel of communication with your dental team, which is why Vida Dental is the best choice for your family dentist in Austin, Texas.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

A comprehensive dental exam at Vida Dental will help ensure that no oral health issue goes unnoticed. Your teeth, gums, bones and jaw all work together to control the functions in your mouth. Any issue affecting the parts of the mouth will, in most cases, affect the whole. For instance, bacteria in the mouth spread quickly and are not easily detected without a comprehensive dental exam.

Vida Dental uses advanced technologies and procedures to carry out all your comprehensive exams during checkups. We will talk you through the process of every exam so you fully understand how each step can benefit your overall oral health. We advise all our patients to take full advantage of what our comprehensive exams have to offer. Working together, we can help you maintain great oral health indefinitely.

For the highest standard of care and comprehensive dental exams, contact Vida Dental today to schedule an appointment.