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Emergency Dentistry

Are you tired of waiting for essential dental treatments? Emergency dentistry is one of the elements of service that patients of Vida Dental love the most. When you have an important speaking engagement or an event that requires you to smile, the last thing you need is a dental emergency cropping up. As a patient of Vida Dental, we will go to great lengths to ensure we fit you in before your event and get you the dental treatment you need.

Emergency dentistry should also afford you the same standard of treatment as your regular appointments. When you visit Vida Dental in an emergency, you will receive the best treatment for your circumstances. The Vida Dental scheduling system is designed to allow for emergencies, so do not hesitate to call even if you need same day dentistry.

Urgent Dental Care

Not all dental practices are equipped to provide robust urgent dental care. If you are in need of urgent dental care you will want a dentist you can rely on. The Vida Dental family is all about patient-dentist familiarity. We know your dental history, understand your needs and we deliver on our promises to you as our patient.

Our team is also happy to extend urgent dental care advice over the phone if you are not able to make it into our practice. Vida Dental is staffed entirely by dental professionals who are committed to exceptional oral health care. This is especially when our patients are in need of urgent attention. You can always rely on Vida Dental to put your best interest first when it comes to emergency dentistry.

Do you require emergency dental care? Contact Vida Dental today to see if we are able to provide you with treatment. Ask the team member you speak with about same day dentistry for urgent care.