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Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

We cannot overstate how important children’s dentistry is for strong and healthy teeth. Vida Dental promotes children’s dentistry from birth. Many parents are not aware that children need to look after their oral health from the emergence of the very first tooth. Most children begin to cut teeth around their first birthday.

Vida Dental invites you to bring your young ones into our office when they begin to cut teeth or when they reach the age of one. We will provide your child with treatment and educate you on proper oral hygiene and maintaining healthy teeth. Vida Dental will join you and your child on your journey toward healthy and vibrant smiles.

We Love Your Kids!

The oral health of your kids is important to Vida Dental. We promote education and open communication with kids. When a dentist treats a child with respect, that child is much more likely to take lessons on oral health care seriously. Both parties must be committed to excellence in oral health in order to ensure that kids grow up with strong teeth and confident smiles.

Beneficial Treatments for Kids

We can provide stainless steel crowns, fillings and silver diamine fluoride treatments for your kids. Vida Dental will always provide treatments that strengthen and protect teeth, gums and bones. With Vida Dental as your family dentist, you can look forward to long lasting dental health and resilient smiles. Our team members understand kids, and they know how to use honest communication to emphasize the importance of looking after teeth and gums.

Arrange your child’s first appointment with an expert dentist by contacting Vida Dental today. We can offer a family block appointment for your convenience. Our friendly team member will welcome your child to our family and ensure they always have a positive outlook on dentistry.