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First Visit

Your first visit as a new patient gives you a chance to get to know the team at Vida Dental and deal with all necessary paperwork. We try to keep things simple while ensuring that you are given all the information you need to tailor our dental service to you or your family’s needs. The first visit with Vida Dental also involves filling out a dental health questionnaire. Our questionnaire is designed to capture important details about both your medical and dental health history.

If you would like to get a feel for how we care for patients, you are also invited to take a tour of our practice during your first visit. You are free to ask questions about dental education, treatments or any other aspects of our patient services. Your first visit with Vida Dental is as important to us as it is for you, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything during your time with us.

During Your Appointment

The main focus of your first visit is your appointment. During your appointment, your dentist and dental technician will take the time to carry out comprehensive examinations of your dental health. This gives us the opportunity to assess your needs and create a robust treatment plan for you or your family member.

We will keep you fully informed of any dental care needs that we identify during the course of your first appointment. By the time you leave, you will know exactly how and when we intend to provide any necessary treatments. At Vida Dental, we like to maintain effective two-way communication. Our team of dental professionals will have an open and friendly conversation, with the end result being a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.

Book your first appointment with Vida Dental by contacting us today. Your world of exceptional dental care is waiting with Vida Dental.