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Everything about Fast Braces in Austin, TX

Some people are suffering from teeth misalignment, malposition and bad bite which requires an orthodontic treatment. However, they tend to be hesitant to undergo such procedure since it may take a long time to complete the treatment. With technological advancement, improving teeth alignment and appearance has been made faster. Here at Vida Dental, we offer

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Interesting Facts in Austin, TX About Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focused on correcting teeth imperfections like malocclusions. There are now multiple services that can help patients attain straighter and healthier teeth and each one has its advantages. Teeth imperfections cause the patient to feel self-conscious and unconfident when dealing with other people. They tend to avoid talking and

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What Is Kybella Injection? – Austin TX

A double chin can be unsightly to people that have it and also to the people who see it. It can significantly affect a person’s facial structure and appearance making them self-conscious and even lose confidence. The common perception of this condition is that it is developed by weight gain or obesity which is not

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Central Austin TX General Dentist

Oral Cancer 101

At Vida Dental, we care about your entire health. That’s why we screen for oral cancer during our comprehensive exams. We help ensure that you are getting quick and effective treatment should you ever need it. Detecting oral cancer at its earliest stage is vitally important. Here are some common warning signs of oral cancer.

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Smiling woman sitting on the dentist chair Austin, TX

Your Dental Health And Diabetes

The month of November hosts several reasons to stop and reflect. Thanksgiving is a time to take inventory on all that you’re grateful for. Did you know it’s also a month to highlight diabetes? November is American Diabetes Month. This is a time to focus our attention on the over 20 million people in the

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Invisalign Austin, TX

The Adjustment Time Period

Adjusting to anything takes time. How long did it take you to get the perfect fit and comfort in your new pair of shoes? Sometimes a few blisters, tenderness and tightness can be related to achieving ultimate comfort. This adjustment period applies to just about every area of our lives, not only to shoes. Think

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