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Scheduling Convenience

Convenient Scheduling!

For too long, scheduling in dentistry has not been focused on the needs of the patient. Scheduling often assumes a default model for how every patient uses their time. In a world where personal schedules are becoming increasingly chaotic, a large number of people are neglecting their dental health care through no fault of their own. At Vida Dental, we are determined to ensure that each and every patient is able to receive the dental care they need.

We have closely evaluated the wide variety of careers and lifestyles of our patients. The scheduling system we use is designed to accommodate patients from all walks of life. If you are finding it difficult or impossible to stick to your treatment schedule, Vida Dental can work with you to make dentistry a convenience rather than a chore.

Family Block Dental Appointments and Extended Hours

Families enjoy great convenience in dentistry with Vida Dental. Instead of multiple appointments, which force you to take too much time out of your busy life, we offer family block dental appointments. These appointments are designed to allow Vida Dental patients to receive treatment for the entire family in a single block, allowing you to better manage your time.

We also understand that not everyone works a 9-5 job. At Vida Dental, we offer extended hours to allow you to receive dental care without missing time out of work. For patients who are dealing with a dental emergency, we are here to help. Whenever we can, Vida Dental will provide you with same day or emergency dentistry.

Let Vida Dental schedule your treatments around your needs. Contact us today, and ask a team member about the multitude of ways we can offer you scheduling convenience. Don’t worry if your circumstances change. We have designed a scheduling system that is flexible and convenient for most patient needs.