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Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implant restorations will help you win back your confidence. Allow Vida Dental to replace your missing teeth with restorative dentistry. A dental implant also plays an important part in the functions that occur in the mouth. Your teeth are anchored to the bones in your mouth and promote activity in those bones. When a tooth is missing, it interrupts the natural regeneration of the bone. Vida Dental can use dental implants to restart the process and keep your bones healthy and strong.

Missing teeth also cause issues for surrounding teeth. Food can become lodged in the gap, which promotes the spread of bacteria. When a bacterial infection sets in, it can affect the teeth, gums, soft tissues and bones in the mouth. With a dental implant restoration, the gap is filled and the teeth are protected. Teeth can also begin to drift if there is a gap. Your teeth will become crooked and further gapping will occur.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants are strong and resilient. However, they may become damaged over time or due to trauma. When a dental implant is damaged, the anchored tooth is compromised. Vida Dental can carry out repairs to dental implants to restore strength to the implant and the anchored tooth. We use a comprehensive exam at Vida Dental to assess the damage to your dental implant so we can carry out effective repairs.

If your anchored tooth or dental implant feels loose, it may need repaired to prevent damage to the supporting bone. Seek treatment early to avoid complications from a severely damaged implant. Vida Dental provides expert repairs for dental implants at our Central Austin office in Texas.

Contact Vida Dental today to inquire about dental implant restoration or repairs. Our team will book an appointment for you with a specialist dentist.